A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

good horror, solid story, enjoyed myself, but was this necessary? the 'day one' section was almost meaningless and only served to set up, like, two story aspects, one of which was cillian murphy who i guess was just there to... be a male presence? struggling to see what he really added that couldn't have done by emily blunt's character. lots of predictable beats and strangely half-fleshed out story aspects (what was with them at the pier????) that i could have done without - and, i mean, my real core issue with this is that it robs the first film of a bit of its strength. what was so interesting about AQP1 was its snapshot quality; a slice of life in a horrific time. you didn't need to see where the monsters came from, or what the family's life was like before, or who they knew, or what(/who) existed outside their life now. the film was a love letter to krasinski's children - it was a story of one family, struggling together. not of the world, or the monsters, or the landscape. of this one family. the film hurts without krasinski, too. not because a family needs a father figure, or anything heteronormative like that; just because it is so obviously his story, about his family, that seeing him, himself, in the flesh, within that story, really tied it all together. so you really do miss seeing him there.

anyway, it was still a good time. emily blunt is a great actor, and so are the two kids, and boy do i love continuing to see sign language on screen. krasinski has a solid ground as a director so far, and i'm still invested in what he does next. i just hope it's not another one of these