Zodiac ★★★★

Before Wordle, people were deciphering notes from the Zodiac Killer in their local paper!!

Incredible production design. Some fantastic shots from Fincher as well - I mean, wow, that Pepto Bismol bottle hugging the bottom frame of a shot to that insane camera work to show off the Golden Gate Bridge (?!) …. This was my first Fincher on the big screen at a theater and it was a good one to see since I had never seen it previously. 

Anyway… There was a precise moment after the first third of the movie when I knew that the rest of the movie probably wasn’t going to be as good. But that one scene toward the end in the basement where Jake Gyllenhaal gets all creeped out and freaked out… That was phenomenal.

Could have shaved a good 20 minutes off of this by cutting some montage scenes of Jake Gyllenhaal reading files and RDJ being RDJ. Loved seeing Brian Cox, June Diane Raphael, and Jimmi Simpson in small roles. Sorry this review isn’t in cipher! Maybe I will go to the library and check out some books later…

Lastly - I am a Detective Bill sun, Sherwood moon, and a Paul Avery (pre-boat house breakdown) rising.

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