Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★½

The Wachowskis steadfastly refuse to make stale violent power fantasies for teenage boys, which seems to piss everyone off. Here you have a young woman who becomes a heroine not because she picks up a gun or is "as tough as a man", whatever that means, but because she chooses not to have her future determined by class or capital (even if it is space-class and space-capital) or really anyone else but herself, wrapped up in an unapologetically dorky homage to trashy sci-fi paperback covers. It's a dressed-up fairy tale, an intergalactic "Cinderella", except she doesn't win by becoming someone's wife, and if she's ever the damsel in distress it's because she decides not to kill or act selfishly. Plus it has Channing Tatum on rocket skates fighting a lizard man. Not even a hair sillier than GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY or eight installments of Harry Potter bullshit.

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