Zodiac ★★★½

I think Fincher’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t write his movies. It’s why The Social Network is so disproportionately good compared to the rest of his work. Sorkin makes it and Fincher’s direction is just the perfect cherry on top. 

But Zodiac, for all it’s tense moments, and brilliant acting, is far too long and expansive to make those moments actually mean anything. The writing is too... ordinary? I guess? It’s not special. It lacks the rapid in your face exhilaration of Sorkin and the unique style and tone of Flynn. It’s a peak for the writer. But when you write The Amazing Spider-Man 2 I guess most anything is a peak. 

Gyllenhaal gives a solid performance. He always does. Downey Jr. gave what would have been an amazing performance had his character not been abandoned in the second act.  I always like Ruffalo. No surprise there.

The burden of the movie rests primarily on Fincher’s direction, which, in this instance, is unusually mid. He has a tendency to adapt into the style of whoever wrote the movie (see Sorkin and Flynn above) and in this case I guess he just kind of adapted mediocrity. 

Anyway this rewatch was kind of disappointing.

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