Bros ★★★★

This is a worthy update to Jeffrey, a film now 27 years old, and one we traded on VHS when I was in my early 20s. Jeffrey would never have had a wide release, let alone showing on two screens at a cineplex in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Throughout, Bros duplicates that film’s high wire act of history-making representation and surprisingly deft comedy, often at once. The worst thing I can say about Bros is that it’s terribly wholesome while simultaneously inverting Jeffrey’s mantra: “Love is Love.” Jeffrey, which came out in the middle of the AIDS crisis, crescendoed to an unforgettable monologue that endorsed love in the face of death. Bros is a more layered film for a complicated time. It harangues and caresses and jokes and thrusts, and somehow, it works. But will straight audiences dig it? I cannot say.

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