Halloween ★★★★★

Loomis shoots The Shape six times. Six times. In the chest. It is when he disappears in the front lawn after being fatally shot that we are officially all-in on him literally being the boogeyman who can escape death. It is the set up of the very first scene, of Michael as a child, that we are lead to believe he is mortal, because we see him as a kid, sort of shell-shocked after his first kill. He is just a kid. With a name. And a family. But something changes - only through Donald Pleasance exposition (who doesn't want Donald Pleasance rattling off exposition?) of the years we gloss over to get to 1978. And then the reveal of his face at the end - again he is just a regular-looking guy. But we believe he is a boogeyman because he survives six fucking shots to the chest and gets away. It's as if a supernatural force is implied without actually alluding to one. Credit to Carpenter for walking this razor's edge without blinking.

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