• Talk to Me

    Talk to Me


    Wish I caught this one in theaters. Excellent bit of supernatural, trauma-tinged nastiness out of Australia, a country that continues to produce a lot of great horror that doesn't get picked up for international distribution like this one. Great acting, solid gore, spooky themes that tie the supernatural to the trauma of basic lives, which has become a recurring theme in the best horror films of the past decade. Brilliant ending, definitely one of the best horror flicks to be released into the mainstream in awhile. Better be an "I Let You In" sequel on the way.

  • The Steel Helmet

    The Steel Helmet


    I was in the mood for a war film last night and the Civil War seemed to be what I was feeling so I wound up investing 4 and a half hours into the 1993 Gettysburg "movie"/mini-series, and while that one left me disappointed and bored, my next pick was the classic Sam Fuller pick here and having always been a big fan of The Big Red One I threw it on. And oh man what a palate cleanser, what…

  • Road House

    Road House


    Tonight was honestly one of the coolest nights of my life, entirely because of ol' Jonny Sage. My man made sure to track me down after I walked by him so I could "roadie" his show opening Jane Pickens before their screening of Road House tonight. Which would have been cool enough but my dude proceeds to give me a tour up into the unknown parts of the creepy crawly attics of the theater, looking at all kinds of insane…

  • Cigarette Burns

    Cigarette Burns


    Probably been a good 15 years since I've seen this, I didn't have Showtime at the time but I did scoop this up when it came out on DVD. You know this is Carpenter right out of the gate with that lovely score. Probably the goriest thing Carpenter's ever done and though there are a few small hiccups in the execution the overall story, writing, direction, and implications here are pretty viscerally terrifying stuff.

  • Titane



    Hooptober X: Colin vs. Horror! #1

    6 Countries (France) [✔]
    8 Decades (2020s) [✔]

    Definitely some Cronenberg influence of course, but also a dash of Martyrs and Argento. Maybe a little Tetsuo. Grotesque and oddly heartwarming.

    Who knew French firehouses basically turn into raves at night? Also that first party scene is an all timer.

  • Sorority House Massacre

    Sorority House Massacre


    I'm guessing this one slipped by my slasher obsession phase simply because it's title and even poster are easily confused with the earlier Slumber Party Massacre, but that's a shame because this is actually really well made for the genre. Maybe it's just the remastered version I saw overperforming but the cinematography is actually really quality here, and there's a dreamlike atmosphere and direction here from Carol Frank. Having a woman direct your slasher film almost always leads to more…

  • SubUrbia



    One of those rare films that just keeps resonating and hitting home more and more the older you get. Just perfectly captures that post-high school, somewhat-into-college slacker nihilistic stage of life so many of us went through. I was (and am) a huge fan of Dazed and Confused so I sought this out immediately after I saw that film as a teen, expecting more of the same good time hang out vibes. There are plenty of hang out vibes in…

  • Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros.


    My primary memory of this film is watching it years after it came out on cable one night at a friend's birthday party/sleepover when I was about 11. Being in that weird preteen phase where you haven't really started dating or discovering drugs and alcohol yet and are focused mainly on mischief to pass the time we decided we were going to pull an all-nighter as almost a dare to each other. IIRC only I and my best friend Rob…

  • Twilight Zone: The Movie

    Twilight Zone: The Movie


    "Hey, wanna see something scary?"

    An all-time midnight movie classic for me, probably because it was one of many horror and horror adjacent films my dad would watch with me that freaked me out and made me the horror fanatic I am today. The show stealer is the finale, a remake of the famous William Shatner Nightmare at 20,000 Feet episode, reimagined with a deranged and permanently sweaty John Lithgow and a freaky as hell modern upgrade on the monster…

  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    I swear to god Billy Drago has popped up in like the last 3 movies I've watched now, always making things as uncomfortable as possible. I wasn't excited to revisit this one from my man Araki not because it isn't brilliant but because it's just so disturbing and upsetting. I'm not one to normally be squeamish but when it comes to subject matter like this how can you not be? This is a really thoughtful, beautiful, and important film that…

  • Glory Daze

    Glory Daze


    A movie that manages to simultaneously make me love it for it's stupid 90s skate punk hang out vibes, but then I remember almost every character, ESPECIALLY Ben Affleck as our lead are among the most unlikeable shitheads in the history of cinema. Affleck quotes the Dead Kennedys, has Circle Jerks albums, and likes to make toasts to Albert Camus which are all things that would have been enough to make me go "This dude is cool!" when I was…

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Absolutely blew my high expectations out of the water, this is a film that is both technically astounding and wildly creative in ways I haven't seen in a long time, the only thing that comes to mind is when Being John Malkovich came out and showed Charlie Kaufman's emotional and absurdist style to the world, another film directed by a music video director. But this ventures into far more heartwarming, life-affirming, positive places than Kaufman's films tend to be. And…