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  • Tom Thumb

    Tom Thumb


    These are the kinds of hidden gems I like to find in my obsessive watching of movies expiring from streaming services: little-seen hidden gems that would otherwise be difficult to find or fly under the radar. Tom Thumb is an enjoyable fairy tale (albeit one that doesn't shy away from the darker aspects of such tales; unless your children are OK with other children being murdered on-screen, you may want to keep them away from this one), and MAN is…

  • Election 2

    Election 2


    Arguably an improvement over the already strong first film. This one has all the action and stylishness of the original, with added layers of intrigue via further in-fighting among the triad (as opposed to the first film, in which the conflict was largely limited to two individuals), as well as external machinations and string-pulling from the government of mainland China.

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  • Maple Leaf Viewing

    Maple Leaf Viewing


    Can I just say how amazing it is that we live in a time when I can google to find examples of the first Japanese films with a narrative, and then just hop on YouTube and immediately WATCH a 119-year-old film? Amazing.

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  • Casablanca



    My single favorite film of all-time, Casablanca has everything that anyone could possible ask for from a movie. Action, romance, comedy, drama, you name it. It's idealistic and inspiring, yet also cynical and pragmatic; romantic and beautiful, yet hard-edged and tough. It has great performances from one of the cinema's greatest actors (Ingrid Bergman) as well as one of it's greatest movie stars (Humphrey Bogart), not to mention arguably the best supporting cast ever assembled. It's one of the greatest…