Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker

Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker ★★½

Entry 6 of my Pokéfan movie marathon.

The cast is fine, once again the show gives you a better insight in what their current goal is, and what the new cast is like. The redeeming antagonist, Butler, is voiced by Joey Wheeler, that is a little funny. Jirachi itself is very cute.

The story is fine, nothing outstanding and feels more like a 2-parter for the show. Though I think the last 20 min. of the climax is quite exciting. Most of what comes before is kinda boring and feels a little padded and like filler.
The overall score is nice, I liked it during the circus scenes as well as with the exciting climax.
The animation is fine; feels and looks a little more cinematic and even better than the show had at the time.
Pacing is ok for a 76 min. movie, again the early parts are not all that exciting.

The early line: "They're stuck in a dark place with impending doom and no way out. That sounds like my life" made me laugh a lot. Early Pokémon jokes, especially in the movies, could get very out of the box with them.

Didn't get more out of. It's decent but overall a little forgettable with not that much to offer.

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