Spencer ★★★★½

Low key, when 2021 ended, there was something in my soul that didn't feel right with having Nitram as my #1 film of the year, but I didn't know what it was.

It was this.

Spencer is the best film I've seen in the past two years. There's not a single technical element that isn't spectacular and Kristen Stewart has the best performance of the year, period. It's gorgeous, it's haunting and the direction from Pablo Larrain is nothing short of masterful.

The ending is a little too abrupt for my taste and there is still a little bit of ambiguity that isn't really cleared up. Those are my only gripes and they are very minor at that.

I'm incredibly disappointed that I didn't go see this in theaters when I had the chance, but I'm glad that I didn't push back my viewing experience any longer.