Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

How is one to critique a film as intimate as this? It is so gorgeous, brilliant in its spectacle, yet it is just a moment in the grand scheme of life shared between two people just like you and I. A lover remembered in the shadows of everyone else you will ever meet, a bond as deep as the ocean can push itself. Tears welling over a singular piano note that makes you think of a brief moment where shoulders grazed, which eventually turned into fingers, which eventually turned into lips, and so on and so forth. And although the welling is constant, the tears never come, for you must never let anyone else know that you have felt love of such magnitude, as they will try to strip it away from you with all of their might. They think that those emotional are vulnerable, yet you prove them wrong time and time again with every second reminiscing that you are greater than feelings. Plus, you will have an eternity to spend with them wherever your souls may roam, for your life is only a speck of the world, and your love transcends that speck. Time is only quantifiable if you let it be, otherwise you can let it acquiesce to your every whim. If the month you spend together feels like a lifetime, then don't let anything stop you from making it your lifetime. They say all good things come to an end, but that is not necessarily true. All good things come to a pause, and you can pick them up whenever you please.