M3GAN ★★½

I just had an absolute out of body experience.

M3GAN may be the first film that I've seen for 2023, but I can already tell you that this is a guaranteed top 20 (at least) of the year for me

It's exactly as it's advertised. The film is completely batshit and the titular character is just as much of an icon as speculated. I was writhing around in my seat with elation for the entire second half, silently screaming LET'S FUCKING GO practically every time M3GAN appeared on screen. I'm literally almost in tears of joy writing this... and that's insane for me. It's obviously awful in certain aspects, mainly the dialogue, and it doesn't try to hide those deficiencies, but instead embraces them in a self-aware manner that I could only hope other future horror films could replicate.

Please go see and support this absolute goddamn masterpiece of cinema as soon as possible.

I beg of you.

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