Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Absolutely the most fun that I have had inside of a theater this whole year. An absolutely brilliant performance from one of the strongest ensemble casts that I have ever seen on screen, with Daniel Craig, Ana De Armas and Chris Evan's standing out in their brilliance. Also, every single actor was assigned to the appropriate role, which is something that I generally don't see in most pictures. Even in their smaller roles, Jamie Lee Curtis and Toni Collette shine like absolute diamonds, especially Toni Collette doing a spot on bum ass Gsenyth Paltrow impression, with dialogue written in to personally make fun of Goop that I truly appreciated!

All of the technical elements are wonderful homages to 80's whodunnits, yet they are executed in a fresh and proficient manner that doesn't aggravate me whatsoever, because they're artistically done and filled with heart. But more important than the technical aspects here, the main thing that holds this film up is the spectacularly woven and conceived story that Rian Johnson brings to life in his best film to date. There are so many subtle hints to where the story is going to go, yet not to the point where they are blatant and in your face.

This may just be my favourite film all year, and is an essential film to watch for this holidays, with at the very least a good time guaranteed!