The Devil's Candy

The Devil's Candy ★★★

Another film I wanted to see at Frightfest a few years ago but clashes got in the way and made me put this one on the backburner. I was glad to see it available on Shudder and eagerly anticipated its MANDY-esque poster and imagery.

Any possession movie in this century is usually either a lazy cash in or a brave attempt at a fresh idea, thankfully this falls in the latter. A house that could have come straight out of Amityville and a mood that could be taken from the mind of Stephen King all freshly handled with interesting ideas and a big dollop of metal. What could be a fairly generic story is spiced up along the way and instead of usual jump scare techniques, there is more an underlying eerieness and a creepy crow on your shoulder ready to pierce your eardrum with mesmerising sound effects that sound both shocking and absorbing.

Dodgy wigs aside, Ethan Embry is flawless in his role of loving father and husband who has a passion for music and art. Watching his journey through the film is extremely worthwhile. Pruitt Taylor Vince is both terrifying and unique. His character in what feels like a not very menacing tracksuit makes his possession even darker and he brings out various mannerisms to enhance his possession even more so.

A good film that would not feel out of place on a VHS sitting in a quiet shelf at your favourite video store in 1988, it wants to be explored and it will very likely entertain. It may not be one to stay in the mind for long after but it just gives more excuse to rewatch in years to come.

Scavenger Hunt 51/Film 1/A loving father

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