Captain America

Captain America

Alright let me say that I do not remember this well enough to write a review proper…

I have the memory of browsing through my local small town video store, (not even our main video store, but that was that was in the main grocery store in town at the time weirdly) like a lot of us 90s kids and seeing this VHS cover there. I was soooo pumped because I was a comic book and super hero action figure collector. My mama rented it for me and I couldn’t wait to watch it. Then I did…

All I can really recall about the story is that it had Red Skull. But my next and final memory associated with this movie experience is that I was bored. I still recall that part vividly, and I was an impressionable little kid, it probably wouldn’t have been hard to impress me. I was also so excited going in as I said, and I don’t think I even made it to the end credits…And boring is probably the worst thing a film can be. 

So, take that for what it’s worth…at least they made a feature length film, and I haven’t. Can’t recommend it, without remembering it though, but who knows…maybe I’ll go back and watch it one day, stranger things have happened - but I probably won’t.  

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