Favorite films

  • A Moment of Innocence
  • The Man Who Sleeps
  • Dead Man's Letters
  • Herostratus

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  • It's Such a Beautiful Day


  • Evil Dead II


  • People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan


  • Poltergeist


Recent reviews

  • Way Upstream

    Way Upstream


    With the recent release of Sightseers and yet another rewatch of Nuts in May I started to develop some very vague memories of an "English couple goes on holiday and things go a bit wrong" type film I saw on TV in the late 80's. So with these extremely vague almost dreamlike memories and some very impressive googling skills I finally managed to track down the obscure oddity known as Way Upstream.

    Based on a play by Alan Ayckbourn and…

  • Slayer: Still Reigning

    Slayer: Still Reigning


    I hope my neighbours enjoyed this. RIP Jeff Hanneman.

Popular reviews

  • Zoo



    Have you ever had one of those Sunday afternoons when you just can't decide what film to watch and then before you know it your viewing a documentary that revolves around the story of a man who was killed whilst having sexual relations with a horse? I have and I have no regrets. This beautifully made documentary gives us a glimpse into the world of zoophilia and does so in a surprisingly captivating and respectful way, the film never condemns…

  • The Story of Film: An Odyssey

    The Story of Film: An Odyssey


    Beautifully narrated series and that's not sarcasm I do genuinely like Mark Cousins voice.