Kinetta ★★★

Around the World in Cinema 2018 - Greece

My review is Kinetta is going to be difficult. I admit this is a film which will required a revisit and an attempt to try to fully comprehend its narrative structure. I will say, immediately, that this does feel like proto-Lanthimos which contribute to some of the difficulty gauging with the story, a very complex web of characters who intersect in each other's lives that is not very easy to decipher on the first viewing. Particularly as his cinema is not "easy" in Dogtooth and films onwards in the first place, a glacial style of absurdity which tests viewers even at its more openly funny like The Lobster, Kinetta's difficult because of how padded in scenes that seem initially disconnected to each other it is.

Certainly at some point after this Lanthimos realised he could pull the camera back and keep it still, thus finding his eureka moment that improved his work for the better. The close-up shaky camera style here is an irritant that I'm glad was discarded early in his career. A contrived aesthetic rather than "caught" footage in public, where it would be the only accepted reason for a camera to rattle as much as it does in some of the scenes here, If anything, even if I confess to having barely idea what was going on in Kinetta, which is embarrassing to say but hopefully will be rectified on a future revisit, its still clear that his debut was a rough sketch. One that he thankfully took the best ticks from and improved on his style significantly in presenting them from then on.