Brazil ★★★★★

Ah....the memories of Brazil. This movie is one of my favorites of all-time...not to mention the movie that got me a wife....or an ex-wife these days. Back in my grocery days...a new cashier started....all the guys in the store were going crazy over the red head with the nice chest. I did not pay her much day we got into a conversation about movies. I told her one of my favorite movies was Brazil...I expected her to say...."never heard of that one"....instead she said "I love that movie and I watch it on laserdisc all the time". The fireworks started to explode....and now she had my full attention. That attention would eventually lead to marriage. But enough about my Brazil memories.

Brazil is Terry Gilliam's masterpiece. In this one a bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state. There is not much that I do not like in this movie. I should mention that I watched the Gilliam version and not the studio version.

Some random thoughts on this one.
1. Jim Broadbent has become a much bigger name since the last time that I watched this movie. I just recently realized that he plays the plastic surgeon.
2. Robert DeNiro wanted the Michael Palin part...but Gilliam had promised the part to Palin already....DeNiro wanted to be in the movie so he took the Harry Tuttle part.
3. The Terry Gilliam commentary on this movie is one of the best that I have ever listened to....the highlight is Gilliam talking about Gene Siskel and the issues of doing a thumbs up or thumbs down review on movies.
4. I love how Gilliam has Ian Holm looking like Hitler in the movie. His character is called Kurtzmann which is german for short man.
5. Every time I watch the movie I get more and more impressed with Jonathan Pryce in the lead role.
6. I am surprised that Kim Griest (the female lead in the movie) did not have a better career.
7. Pryce's nightmare samuri is the dad of Robin Williams' demon in The Fisher King.
8. The late Bob Hoskins is very memorable in a supporting part. I love how the duct work seems to be alive.
9. This movie is filled with many memorable scenes. My favorites would include "here is a receipt for your husband" any scene with DeNiro, the fight for the desk, and the scenes in the torture center. I think that set is one of the most impressive movie sets that I have ever seen.
10. This movie has it all....great acting....great story...nice humor, ....decent action and visually other words I highly recommend this movie.

Ranked 27th of 86 DeNiro movies on my CogersonMovieScore table...but it should be noted that Brazil has gotten the 5th best reviews of Robert DeNiro's career.

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