A Room with a View

A Room with a View ★★★½

Harry Potter Alumni Professor Minerva McGonagall and her niece Bellatrix Lestrange are on vacation....but their room has no view. So Indy Jones' Marcus Brody (in his only Oscar nominated performance) and his son Warlock (doesn't he look like Sting's brother?) offer to switch rooms. On a trip to the country...Warlock and Bellatrix have a ground moving kiss in a field. Bellatrix goes back home. Philomena hears about the kiss in the field and writes a book about the kiss.

Back home Bellatrix gets engaged to the only 3 Time Best Actor winner ever. Looking like the Pringle Chip guy...3 Time's kiss with Bellatrix does not move a feather. Brody and Warlock rent a cottage on 3 Time's land. What will Bellatrix do?

Movie is based on a E.M. Forster novel. Movie has nice performances ....Oscar winning costumes and set design...but the movie is very slowly paced. I do not usually watch this type of movie...but after reading Roger Ebert's glowing review of this movie for the 5000th time I finally gave it a spin. I thought the movie was better than average....but not nearly as good as my hero Ebert thought it was. The good news? I did manage to run 9.2 miles while watching this movie.

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