Logan ★★★

most interesting thing with this one is the ultra violence... watching those claws going through the skulls of a trillion disposable bad guys never gets old through a lot of great camera work and some shifty editing. the core of the film stays alive and well and probably could revolutionize how these fucking things can be made if every plot beat wasn’t done better by Cuaron over a decade ago with Children Of Men (middle aged, beat down man with older, wiser, bit crazier mentor in post apocalyptic world is suddenly and unwillingly tasked with protecting an anomaly child that’s forbidden, but throughout the course of the film said middle aged man comes to lovingly protect anomaly child.) it’s something most wont pick up on cause they aren’t looking for it, and that’s fine and i’m glad people love this one but it’s so distracting for me that i can’t in right mind give this higher than a 3. but beyond that, the cinematography is exquisite, the violence, as stated earlier, keeps this thing pumping, and jackman gives it his all and makes this one dirty, gritty motherfucker. not bad by any stretch of the word, but hopefully Mangold does better with keeping his plot beats fresh in the future