• Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Haddonfield attempts to deal with their evil problem through vigilante mob justice and discovers that they were the *real* monsters all along.

    Very fun theater experience with this one, all of the kills got big laughs, especially the car door/desert eagle one, and one guy kept shouting "you're high!" at Big John when he was on screen, but compared to the first one, which I loved, I was kind of disappointed with this. Jamie Lee Curtis disappears for large parts…

  • The Brood

    The Brood

    Oliver Reed's T-levels are off the charts in this one. Amazing hair, astonishing jaw, incredible winter coats.

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Hard to pick the best part of this movie between: guy gets face eaten by tarantulas, seeing eye dog rips out blind woman's throat, or girl who looks like the Wendy from Wendy's getting her head fully exploded like a pumpkin. Gore masterclass here. This Fulci guy sure had a thing for eyeballs getting destroyed.

  • Beetlejuice



    Remember when movies had color in them?

    This one was as huge staple of my childhood and made a quite an impression on my conception of the afterlife. Here, there is really no cosmic justice and being dead is portrayed as pretty much as good or as bad your life was before dying, but more than anything just as boring as being alive. It just goes on forever! What I picked up on watching this time--apart from just how sparingly…

  • Dead & Buried

    Dead & Buried

    The only place more evil than England is NEW England. Every bit as backward, clannish, violently ignorant and dedicated to ritual murder as anywhere in the Deep South, the coastal enclaves of Massachusetts throb with a hatred of outsiders and ancient occult malevolence. The only bulwark protecting the rest of this nation from their abominable witchcraft is the great state of New York and our noble Dutch forebears.

    In this one, transients, derelicts, tourists, and yuppies are being brutally murdered…

  • VHS 94

    VHS 94


    I've liked pretty much all of the VHS series, and this one is no exception. In this installment, it's the year 1994, Bill Clinton is in his first term, Nancy Kerrigan is attacked, Kurt Cobain kills himself, and a SWAT team raids the lab of a video drug cult and discovers four spooky tales...

    STORM DRAIN: A local tv news reporter and her cameraman encounter a mole people rat cult in the sewers. Felt like a short film about what…

  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    They made the friggin' Sopranos woke! The original series was about family, respect, and owning the libs. Hollywood is sick and they hate you!

    Episode out now, where we break down this movie with Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb, the Pod Yourself a Gun boys.


  • Censor


    David Cronenberg once said the censor occupies the role of the schizophrenic because their job depends on not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality. Here is a film that explores this cool concept, but ultimately fails to stick the landing. There's some cool stuff here, but a lot of these new horror movies are too self aware for my taste and whenever I watch them I'm always waiting to see if there is really "a thing" going on--be it…

  • Phenomena



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Girl with a thing for insects sleep walks into murderous monkey business at a Swiss boarding school housed at the estate of Richard Wagner in the number one chimp-based film of all time.

    Thrills/Chills: Unbelievably ominous use of the Swiss landscape and it's madness inducing wind ripping through trees and several great scares.

    Gore/Ownage: It's an Argento movies, so it's equal parts repulsive and beautiful: maggots cavorting in flesh, steel rods shoved through the backs of heads and out mouths,…

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    Even more goop than the original!

    "Story by Tom Hardy"

  • Possession



    Women=Demons: The Motion Picture

    There are five or six instances of Isabelle Adjani looking at the camera in this movie that each could be the single most haunting, otherworldly, and terrifying moments in cinema history. This movie is infused with actual evil, which is of course only a reflection of good and beauty. Basically, Anna did nothing wrong.

    "What I miscarried there was sister Faith, and what was left is sister Chance. So I had to take care of my faith to protect it."

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    When mom says "we have 'Den of Thieves' at home" this is the movie she's talking about.

    Still pretty good because a bunch of greedy troops get owned by a bald man even harder than the War in Afghanistan.