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  • The Rainmaker

    The Rainmaker


    Francis Ford Coppola turns in a late-career gem directing a cast of all stars in righteous battle against the demonic evil of the health insurance industry. His only mistake? Not making Mickey Rourke the main character. Unlike in A Time to Kill, I found the stacked deck morality of this one easier went down smoother because there is no conceivable case that can be made for health insurance companies existing. However, much like A Time to Kill this film also has to include a subplot about how if someone is sufficiently evil it should be legal to kill to them.

  • A Time to Kill

    A Time to Kill


    Close your eyes...now imagine Joel Schumacher's sweat-drenched courtroom drama as the wettest, most insane, and most pro-death penalty movie of the 1990s. The entire message of this piece of liberal agitprop is that rape and racism are the worst evils imaginable and that extrajudicial murder, provided you're reasonably sure of the guilt of the parties in question, is justice.

    It's probably deliberate, but this movie can't decide if it's set in 1996 or 1906. A complete travesty on so many…

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