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my review for the chicago reader

Microdosing—otherwise known as taking small doses of your substance of choice for more mild effects—has been somewhat in vogue as of late. It certainly has appeal on paper: who wouldn’t want a mellow mind without the pains of being drunk or high, or to have more focus and ease during the work day? This is the crux of Thomas Vinterberg’s Another Round—Denmark’s official Oscar contender—which follows four high school teachers who attempt to maintain a constant level of inebriation to achieve a happier life. Like the boozy experiment, the film itself can appear to be a silly premise at times—and there are moments of humor throughout—but Another Round also lays the groundwork for rife emotional vulnerability and exploration among its characters. Mads Mikkelsen is always exciting to watch, but he is more commanding than ever here (both in his acting prowess and his brazen, euphoric dancing).

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