Video Carnage

Video Carnage ★★★★★

A milestone for Doomed Productions. Definitely feels like their biggest and most 'commercial' movie—their most 'movie' movie. I have no doubt that this one will find an audience, and be a great gateway film towards people exploring the great films made for peanuts and uploaded to YouTube for free that are being made today. But it also is a film with a lot to say, more than most horror movies you will ever see. Beneath its popcorn horror surface are relatable themes about depression and struggling to find meaning and purpose in current day America. What the protagonist glimpses when archiving tapes is not always carnage, but evidence of an America that just plain worked better. This is an essentially internet-less movie, and entirely by choice—the leads feel chewed up and spat out by the internet, reeling and grasping for something more tactile and real as a way out. Furthermore, in many ways the desire to 'solve the mystery' is motivated by revenge against the callousness of the rich and prosperous so to speak, whose use of young adults as disposable is a large part of what brought us here to this moment of time and despair. Powerful stuff.

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