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  • Flashdance



    Is always great. Is perpetually underrated yet at the same time ubiquitous. I’m the only person I know on Letterboxd who has watched it, or at least logged it. To me, this is the perfect 70s into 80s movie. You’ve got 70s brown town aesthetic mixed with what would become a more predominant colorful 80s aesthetic. I think Adrian Lyne is criminally underappreciated. More people should watch this, and all his movies.

  • Erotic Adventures of Candy

    Erotic Adventures of Candy


    Brilliant and funny in an, I shit you not, Todd Solondz-esque way. A comedic adult film for hip, savvy minds. Candy is such a great character.

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  • Vertigo



    This will be my final review on Letterboxd. I refuse to use this website anymore until they sever their ties with TMDB, the most corrupt film database in existence. If they do not, Letterboxd as you know it will be ruined forever.

    TMDB has recently made the decision to classify films released on Amazon Prime Video as 'amateur films', which means they are not allowed to be on TMDB's database. If TMDB has its way, many new independent films will…

  • No Shark

    No Shark


    I love this movie. Of course I do—it is everything I want it to be, because I made it! And each time I watch it, I find something new in it that I love. I of course don’t really need to review it in any sort of traditional sense though, so I will do a review in the form of a DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT: 

    This film, my 10th feature-length, is my magnum opus thus far—it combines so many themes I care…