Naked Ambition 3D

Naked Ambition 3D ★★★

"Even if it's just for today. I have to have the entire you."

A comedy about the Japanese porn industry? Hell yeah, I'm fucking there.

Naked Ambition 3D is about a bunch of Hong Kong guys going to Japan to start their own JAV (Japanese Adult Video) company and the protagonist becomes the new #1 JAV star against his will.
There is some good humor in there with for example reversed gender stereotypes and playing up JAV tropes. The dialog is really good at points too. I genuinely laughed out loud a bunch of times.
The humor goes from clever and charming to overdone and stupid a lot though.

Unfortunately there is still a lot lacking. The drama is halfbaked and tedious at moments and the runtime is a bit too long for its own good. Some jokes just take up too much time. A more critical editor in the cutting room would have really benefitted this movie.

The acting varies as much as the humor does. Some are really good like Chapman To playing the protagonist guy. Josie Ho who plays his agent is really great.
I love how they recruted a bunch of real life JAV actresses too. For example at some point Anri Okita showed up and yeah, I was hyped to recognize someone. Not ashamed of that. lol
When Sasha Grey can make it from porn actress to Hollywood actress then Anri Okita can do that as well. Hell, she is even the woman on this movie's poster which I only realized afterwards.

Genuinely not a terrible movie. I appreciate the effort they put in that makes this almost like a loving hommage to JAV.

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