There Will Be Blood

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This review may contain spoilers.

I like business deals I find them intriguing and I like history and I dont really have an opinion on oil to be honest fracking or anything of the sort is out of my realm of knowledge however I really enjoyed this film as you can see this is one of those films where you start it up and your invested in the characters but you just know somethings about to go down but you dont know what then that inciting incident was the child of the film H.W losing his hearing about an oil explosion I thought the scene was very well put together it felt close and personal at first then we see Daniels view cold and distant he appears to care more about the oil than his son and that is the point in which I lost the ounce of respect I had for the character at the point. Eli runs the church and is seen as a profit but he's a falsifier the religious themes that the films explore are taking at a cynical approach, Daniel Day Lewis's performance was incandescent and I can see why he won an award for his performance here.

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