Hereditary ★★★★★

Well, it finally happened. I finally decided to rewatch Hereditary with the boys and holy crap. I won’t lie when I say that the film wasn’t as life scarring the second watch due to me knowing what was going to happen and the fact that I was with other people, but this film is still terrifying. Like truly terrifying 

Also on the second watch I noticed so many details that totally foreshadowed the end like the small fly in the opening, the dude in the tree house, and Annie knocking on Joan’s door. It’s all really great foreshadowing that gave me chills thinking about how secretive and meticulous the cult’s plan was the whole film. 

Ive also seen comments from some friends in regards to the set design, which I think is so funny considering that the entire interior of the house was in fact made on a stage (like a giant Doll house) and all shots outside of the house were from some random home in Utah. Just goes to show how important the setting is to these types of films and how every detail is important in regards to its theme or plot.

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