Alphaville ★★★★★

The first and most remarkable thing about Alphaville is what it does to the city of Paris. It takes a location that represents all the good and love in the world, and turns it in to an otherworldly terror meant to be feared. I am sick to death of 1984esque movies, but this is one that has the presentation to back up its philosophy.

The haunting voice of the AI is what defines this movie for me. Everything is familiar, but just twisted enough to be disturbing. I forgot that I was watching 1960s France and not some dark twisted city's interior. The genre subversion was easy to catch on to as well, as the detective seemed sinister as the movie ended, and the femme fatale was a victim who needed to be reminded what love is.

Being a Godard movie, it's difficult to find a place to stop gushing about the philosophical ideas or stylistic decisions. It feels like there could be something more substantial to talk about. But the joy here is that everything to be enjoyed in the movie is packaged within. It takes a high concept and presents it in the simplest way possible, with some innovative editing to make it even more unsettling. This is the first time Godard's values have come face to face with a hateful world, and I think those values are what win in the end.

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