In Wake of the Crashing Dawn

In Wake of the Crashing Dawn ★★★★★

A beautiful, unexpected look at what the past looks like, how it impact the present, and what an alternative reality could look like that feels too real.

I have followed Bruce Tetsuya on Instagram for some time now, who has a great page, and followed him here on Letterboxd. To my surprise, I saw where he came out with a new short on Christmas, so I immediately checked it out!

This short was extremely well done. I can't give it enough praise. Very little dialogue is said, besides what the premise does through the television in the beginning. After that, all of the emotion and storytelling is set in its choreography. For a rising talent like Tetsuya, the choreography is mind-blowing. It's cut between past and present were just mesmerizing and inspirational.

I'm really rooting for Tetsuya. This guy know what it means to make film and I think he's got a big future ahead of him. Check this out on YouTube as it is free. It's well worth the time.