Mie care, la felicità consiste nel poter dire la verità senza far mai soffrire nessuno.

8 1/2 is a perfect utopia. A journey of switching between concreteness and fantasy, dream or desire. It's a surreal work, almost absurd, divinely realized, finalized in an immortal masterpiece.
What I really loved about this film was the marvelous game of light and shadows. Some scenes, although in black and white, had a very specific type of contrasts and densities, characterized by a distinctive creativity. This is exactly where I recognized Fellini's art - which was a timeless genius in film history.
Then, ça va sens dire, the choice of Mastroianni for the leading role is excellent. And having always been Fellini's favorite, they probably form one of the most spectacular duo in the history of cinema.
This actor’s class is phenomenal. His presence in this movie sheds light on whoever surrounds him. Mastroianni truly was the most charismatic man on Earth.
He was able to play the "identity crisis" that Guido experiences in the story in a perfect way. In his gaze you could see all his memories and his biggest doubts before they even appeared on stage.

In conclusion, I must say I really recommend this film.
It's a sight for sore eyes.

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