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  • Perfect Days


  • The Taste of Things


  • Akira


  • Howl's Moving Castle


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  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


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    this is a great movie that pisses me off a lot bc hirayama is clearly a depressed man living like this bc he cant face his trauma and work through it himself. so he escapes into the shimmering shadows of the trees and finds solace in strangers bc he doesnt know how to repair his old relationships and face his traumas other than in his dreams. everyone is like “oh wow look how this toilet cleaner loves life and finds…

  • The Taste of Things

    The Taste of Things


    the sounds of cooking and eating……im so hungry

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  • Vincenzo



    socialist propaganda tbh

  • Basquiat



    kind of flat, stellar cast feels wasted. didnt feel like they painted (ha) basquiat well, honestly a dull portrait for how interesting this man was