Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★★

"But mostly, Lovers Rock is an ode to the Blues party at its center, and the British reggae hits that give the film its name. Shabier relishes in the weaving, intimate closeups of the dance floor, a cleared-out living room that becomes a stage for partygoers to meld into a single, symbiotic organism of undulating bodies and all-too-relevant-for-now raised fists. Without fail, every song on the soundtrack is a banger, a wealth of thumping, rousing reggae hits and slow jams that the party’s DJ, Samson (Kadeem Ramsey), eases us through.

The dancing, choreographed by Coral Messam, is sexy, funny, and intoxicating in equal measure, from the cheeky karate-chop prelude to “Kung Fu Fighting” to the transcendent moment when Janet Kay’s 1979 single “Silly Games” ends, only for the crowd to keep the song going a capella for minutes afterwards. Lovers Rock is 70 straight minutes of people vibing, and it’s hard to overstate how much people need that right now. (Especially in a year when many of us miss the vibe of parties like this, which just aren’t safe to have anymore.)"