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  • Brando



    Just my three favorite quotes of this fuckin awesome documentary about the greatest actor of all time. You can nearly quote everything in this.

    Marty: There is before Brando and after Brando. 
    And it’s time especially for younger people to go back and understand that. To see those pictures in the order of which they were made…
    It’s about being human. 

    Johnny Depp: He’s the god you know. And he would kill me for saying that. 

    All these legends and…

  • Babylon



    Ahhh, what a feast. Viva la justin Viva la damieeeennn!!! 

    You could cry when you hear that Black panther grossed a billion and movies like Babylon real 3 hour epics go down. But most not to understand for me of course are the negative reviews of those who watched Babylon. 

    My second Chazelle at the cinema (I could still cry about not having seen la la land and whiplash on big screen) forms his next strike to honor cinema. 


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  • Red Dragon

    Red Dragon


    Very solid Remake especially not unnecessary because of the awesome Hopkins Hannibal parts. On the other side im not convinced by Norton, fiennes and most of all the score. Elfmans score in compare to the manhunter one doesn’t bring the same kind of fantastic and mystical atmosphere. In manhunter I felt completely in another time and here it’s all so willingly tensioned. 

    Fiennes is and will ever be an awesome villain but he’s not blond, not tall doesn’t have the…

  • Babylon



    In the rewatch the score even in the background situations killed my ears in the most positive way. Gladly Justin will get at the Oscar’s what was robbed with first man. 

    Not so glad is that Barry kheogan who played his same dummy role again robbed brads nomination for a more than awesome perfomance. Can’t get enough of this character. Also Robbie is surely robbed. I mean if she can’t get a nomination for the best performance of her career…

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  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    Silence of the lambs after all these years still strikes as the perfect crime thriller and one of the best psycho horror films of all time. 

    Jodie foster and anthony Hopkins performing both the best perfomances out of their careers and Hannibal builds one of the most interesting characters in cinema history. 

    I was kind of scared if the twists after my first watch still could surprise me but they did. Shores tensioning soundtrack and a masterful direction completing one of my favorite movies of all time and an absolute classic.

  • Manhunter



    Finally the full watch of manhunter which totally strikes through its timeless 80s atmosphere. Manns Talent to create a tensioned ambience is unbelievable. A big part of that surely is the magnificent score and soundtrack in which every single track totally enjoys. 

    Added to that the perfomances are all more than solid and also the screenplay could strike even when dr. Lecter is more than unused. 

    All in all manhunter builds a fantastic 80s thriller in which only the finale dissapointed me through its very bad happenings but otherwise a full four star film.