Paradise View

Paradise View ★★★★

Peculiarity with purpose is always a delight. Slowly, all the strange elements - characters, settings, conversations - and different perspectives and styles fold into one another, creating a compelling piece of contemporary Okinawan storytelling. Part folktale, part meandering philosophical fuck-around and part small town melodrama - this film has a lot going on. It's all delivered with a bemused casualness, too.

Haruomi Hosono is also in the mix - both on screen and composing a playfully traditional and sparse score.

Love the snake and ant motifs, the amusing back and forth on who's crazy or not and the wry nod to the impossibility of trying to "just be" - because there's always some small or big tragedy around the corner to interrupt your day.

"It's no use talking about the pen, the sword is the only thing that counts."

*2022 Visions of Okinawa series, Japan Society