Asia is One

Asia is One ★★★½

Colonialism and Imperialism through the Okinawa lens. In the early minutes, this documentary feels overly academic and removed. Slowly, the oral history and shifting perspectives of the numerous interviews reveal a fascinating and compelling look at a variety of personal stories of 20th Century immigrant experiences - from Taiwan to Korea to Okinawa. It's all just glimpses, but they're rewarding nonetheless.

The variety of the various interviews end up creating an impressive editorial introduction to the subject matter, much like a cleverly detailed anthology collection of stories. Each person is afforded plenty of space to tell their stories and highlight their experiences and what they feel important. Sometimes it's talking through the intricacies of raising turtles and sometimes it's someone recounting their close-call with a border agents on a boat trip gone awry.

*2022 Visions of Okinawa series, Japan Society

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