Logan ★★★

I’ve come to the conclusion that It’s not possible for me to have a normal superhero movie take.  All I’ve ever heard of Logan is “top 5 superhero movie ever”, and even higher regards than that.  Well I sadly didn’t see it.  I felt this was a very slow and boring movie.  The “father/daughter” storyline didn’t do anything for me.  Never felt that either character had genuine care for one another, even though they tried hard to make it work towards the end.  The ending of the movie had no emotional impact on me like it does many.  There were some some pretty cool action scenes throughout the movie.  Laura’s characters weirdly had many things that reminded me of Eleven from Stranger Things.  I wonder if my lack of connection comes from me having not seen Wolverine in anything before.  If that is the case, oh well.  Nothing I can do about that.
Score: 64/100

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