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  • Last Flight Home

    Last Flight Home


    While the raw material of director Ondi Timoner’s Last Flight Home is wrenching and affecting, chronicling as it does her father Eli’s last 15 days of life after he asks for an assisted suicide afforded by California’s End of Life Option Act, it stops short of ever questioning its own presentation. “There’s no rehearsing this,” a nurse remarks to the family at one point regarding the administration of assisted suicide drugs. But clearly, as seen in the first season of Nathan Fielder’s HBO show The Rehearsal, there conceivably is.

    Read the rest of my review of Last Flight Home at Slant Magazine.

  • Blonde



    Its proper exploitation title would be Blondage.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land

    Please allow the candor of my passions a forum without preemptive judgment.

    The “post-racial mystique”, as Catherine Squires calls it, need not be found in cases where racial recognition unexpectedly springs to the surface. On the contrary, the very concept of being “post-racial” means that race does not factor into discussions regarding politics or the polity, because the urgency of those conversations have been lessened or even permanently quelled. Accordingly, depictions of history, especially those guided by nostalgia and longing…

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    When I interviewed John Waters in 2016, he said "I want to be an insider now that everyone wants to be an outsider." With the latter point, he might as well have been describing the tone of Shiva Baby, a movie so certain of its edgy, outsider status that we can rather easily dismiss it as an attempt to place itself on the inside. That's what Waters was getting at: self-describing as quirky, weird, unconventional, etc. has become a navigable…