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  • Pistol


    Tempted to add an extra star just to piss off everyone (mostly men) who said, "Not very punk to stream on the Disney channel is it?" Yawn.
    Nothing is "punk" in 2022 and anyone still holding on to those confused ideals is deluded in the extreme. What did they expect? A Ken Loach drama shot on 16mm and shown exclusively at Dial House for everyone with an original A&M 7" of Anarchy?
    This makes no claims for authenticity, and it…

  • Rapture



    Eerie, hypnotic, utterly unique, and possibly the finest on-screen depiction of film as a drug.  Incredible sound mixing and editing. Ghosts of Performance, Peeping Tom, early Polanski, and the kind of metatextual horror story Borges might have written if he’d been a Portuguese junkie.