Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

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This review may contain spoilers.

(watched this time the "teresa banks and the last seven days of laura palmer" fan edit)

after a gorgeous and stylish blue opening credits scene, a tv set is smashed into a sparks explosion. there is no better declaration of intent than that brief but violent gesture: fuck television, fuck its restrictions, its desire for closure, its morbid interest. lynch in this movie is going to tell the story he always wanted.

a certain self-awareness may begin to be noticed, which reinforces the theory that twin peaks is a great metaphor for the violence consumption on tv (as indicated in that four-hour analysis video on youtube), but i think it's reductionist to put, at least this movie, under those terms. lynch wrote and shot "fire walk with me" to show how laura palmer's tragedy was much more relevant than the mystery's conclusion.

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