Bros ★★

I know everything about appreciating cinema is subjective, especially when it comes to comedy. Still, there's no way to argue around the shoddy filmmaking evidenced here. Specifically, I'm referring to its mediocrity cum incompetence at the level of editing, sound design, and shot construction.

In general, I can see why some are so moved by this sluggish affair. It certainly worked better when trying to be earnest rather than funny. But, even then, every gesture towards sincerity (not to mention eros) was undercut by puerile humor or an overinflated sense of historical importance that manifests throughout in metatextual ways that are as lacking in subtlety as in insight.

Ts Madison is a ray of sunshine in this artless mess. Bless her.

To all those who talked about this movie as one of the year's best - what were you on when you watched it, and can I have some?

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