A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

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The fun continues. "Larry Fishburne" and Patricia Arquette in the cast. Angelo Badalamenti himself on the score. The Mask director behind the camera. My expectations are set high.

This thing is a blast. My expectations are met. Wes Craven came back to write this screenplay, hoping that it would end the franchise after the poor critical reception to #2. Nope, instead it just made people want more. The Dream Warriors angle is so damn cool. Right away it reminded me of Inception. Dream Warriors is also easily the most Stranger Things I have seen this franchise get. Freddy's labyrinth world is so much like the upside down. Nancy Thompson. Nancy Wheeler. Both female central characters leading a group of teenagers through an underworld. Coincidence?

"I used to live in this house."
"That's just a house I dream about."

The suicidal angle of the story is dark, but for a film from the late eighties, the subject matter is handled pretty well. I am impressed. You have to wonder why the suicidal teenagers' doors weren't locked from the beginning though?

Spoiler alert: Jennifer's television death is so damn cool. Very Cronenberg. I love how they handled the special effects for Freddy coming out of the television.

"This is it Jennifer, your big break in TV."


Every death, or slash, is pretty damn fun if we're being honest. "What's wrong Joey, feeling tongue tied?" The injection needles and dancing injection sites on Taryn's arm. The faces of Freddy's victims on his body keeping him fueled. Every cosmetic, every special effect used to create the chaos is stellar. A+ to those departments.

"If your only faith is science doctor, it may be you who is laid to rest."

"Yo, Freddy! Where you hiding at, you burnt-faced pussy?!"

The original and the surprisingly deep sequel are still my favorites so far, but no denying that Dream Warriors is pretty damn awesome. I can't wait to continue the franchise.



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