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  • Kicking and Screaming

    Kicking and Screaming


    The focus is everywhere and it really felt like it wasn’t going anywhere, but I didn’t mind at all, it was just lovely seeing the characters and witnessing the witty dialogues. Plus, seeing college kids covering up their horrible boring lives by doing pretentious shit really gets on a personal level - ha ha, we all know why, nice one. 

    Not the perfect time to say this sets as a promising career for Baumbach provided that this is only a…

  • Decalogue IV

    Decalogue IV


    The fourth commandment goes by “Honor thy father and thy mother.”

    As if Dekalog begs for the highest score for a thematic make-a-movie school project, Kieślowski is not afraid to show off his idea as he pushed through the normative boundaries of a father-daughter relationship all traversed within the permitted scope of exploration, with a result tremendously interesting.

    This episode intrigued me as it deals with a personal encounter we all are familiar with, a form of relationship that’s so…

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  • After Hours

    After Hours


    This film sparks life! Right at this moment I’m reviewing I’m just starting to live. Channeling what Paul said where he just wanted to.. live. I am living. Thank you Scorsese.

  • Seaspiracy


    SO BAD. So bad I’d rather read a 100-page infographics PDF on fishing-spiracy.

    Everything’s wrong, the tone of the narration, the scoring, the web searches, the interviews, the conclusion (is there any really?), the repetition of information. Was really off putting since the first 15 minutes play it felt like the director doesn’t even have any plotting on why he made this it honestly became quite unbearable to continue watching. The ‘murder mystery’ part was so cringe and unintentionally funny to watch.

    It’s not you, fishes, I love fishes, it’s the documentary.