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  • Dog Star Man

    Dog Star Man

    I had a weird experience watching this film. I was really tired and kept nearly falling asleep and because of that, in my half-dreaming state I kept imagining my own disjointed and abstract plot to project onto this film. I can’t really remember what it was but I just remember watching this and feeling moments of anticipation and a vague sense of drama and then when I took a mental step back, I realised that all that prompted that reaction…

  • The Endless

    The Endless

    This is my second time watching this film and I liked it a little bit more the second time round but still didn’t quite love it.

    I still liked pretty much all the things I liked about it on my first watch. The setup is really solid and intriguing, the film does a good job at creating an eerie and mysterious atmosphere for most of its runtime and I thought the dynamic between the two brothers was pretty endearing. I…

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  • Nomadland


    Long and stuffy review incoming!

    I initially wasn’t going to review this film but I realised that I do have quite a bit to say about it as, when watching it, I was both for and against the way it was told. I got the sense that it could have been told better, yet also not been told better and I wanted to try and wrap my head around that.

    This film is told in a very meandering way which…

  • Joshua and the Promised Land

    Joshua and the Promised Land

    I watched the whole thing.