Vincent D’Onofrio offering free Skype lectures about how “obscure” all the symbols are and then giving a literal (and ridiculous) name to the phantom villain 🤌

Ethan Hawke having all the film editing equipment on hand that he just learned about from a film editing blog 🤌

Ethan Hawke screaming exasperatedly during that fight scene like he’s in an important film (you know which one) 🤌

Juliet Rylance saying “Ellison” at the end of every sentence in that same argument like it’s perfectly normal and not the most on the nose name for a fictional character who writes 🤌

Realizing the film is part of the long cinematic tradition of handwringing over the power of the cinematic image to corrupt the populace (in this case, the children). Finding that theme deeply funny and kinda cool and also stupid 🤌

A climatic turn that is so whiplash inducing all you can do is laugh and hope the film is self aware about it 🤌

More Ethan Hawke screaming 🤌

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