Scream ★★★★

watched the whole scream series this october so here are my top 10 fave performances:

1. parker posey EGOT
2. king matthew lillard 
3. laurie metcalf (the commitment to her craft!) 
4. neve campbell. her moment at the climax of scream is still EXHILARATING 
5. the cop who says “answer me this......what were you doing with a cellular telephone son” 
6. the cox-arquettes who suddenly had sexual chemistry in scream 2 when they made them bicker :) they were so much spicier when dewey had to struggle with the fact gale’s real self is awful and opportunistic and dogged BUT he still kinda digs that? also courtney’s hair was SO hot in scream 2 (we do not speak of her scream 3 terf bangs) 
7. rose mcgowan 
8. randy should be much higher but I keep imagining if he was played by bill hader instead and my fantasy version is just so much better
9. skeet ulrich (sexy) 
10. liev schreiber (sexy?)

honourable mentions to emma roberts doing the same role she plays in every movie (she knows her strengths and I respect that!) + jaida/drew barrymore as one scene wonders

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