Women Talking

Women Talking ★★★★★

I used to wonder who I would be if it hadn’t happened to me. I used to miss the person I might have been. I don’t anymore.” 

Sarah Polley knows how to tell a story. She knows how to construct it, image by image and word by word, sight and sound and thought forming something so very big and vast. A knitting of realities into a story that is both a singular and a universal experience. Tangible feelings, jolts of surprise, racing thoughts of “I have had thoughts just like these”, a lump in the throat, trembling hands, ragged sobs. The act of feeling seen in media. The solidarity of womanhood and the devastation of womanhood, their duel ownership in life. Sarah Polley knows how to tell a story in the ways that matter most.
Because it’s doomsday and a call to prayer. It’s both.

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