The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

I will avenge my father. 
I will save my mother. 
I will kill Fjölnir.

Barreling forward. Rabid. Writhing. Not just hungry for blood, The Northman is starving for it. The cycle of vengeance is one laced with endless anguish for any unlucky soul who finds themselves in its crosshairs. 

Eggers’ work is some that I always seek out and always leave craving more. I immediately want to rewatch his films whenever I come across them. Such a sensation is one I’m used to but never in the capacity that I feel it upon finally seeing The Northman. Eggers’ previous films danced briefly with mysticism and fantasy, but here, The Northman goes to bed with mysticism in a far more tantalizing way. The balance of myth and reality is so well blended. The entire project feels like an epic come to life, a legend with new vision breathed into it. It feels as though one has stumbled upon an immediate classic, something I didn’t know I was missing until I was finally presented with it.

If you lose me, will you come and look for me too?

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