The Diary of a Teenage Girl

The Diary of a Teenage Girl ★★★★★

I’m better than you, you son of a bitch.” 


Teen girlhood told through the eyes of a girl coming into her sexuality, into her perceptions of the world, into her perceptions of herself, into her hopes for the future. A reclaiming of body autonomy, of agency, of identity. 

Set in the late 70s of San Francisco where the only thing more readily available than the drugs are the older men eager to prey on young girls, The Diary of a Teenage Girl delivers the type of story that the coming of age genre needs so much more of in regards to female centered stories. Earnest, messy, frantic in its depiction of the highs and lows of teenage emotion, I felt everything all at once, a mixing of cringey relatability and genuine heartache. 

Marielle Heller never misses with her work in my book.  I adore stories of young, artistic women exploring sexuality, art, and their inner thoughts. The film blends animation into its story beautifully, just as its successors, 37 Seconds and Ninjababy, have. Bel Powley embodies Minnie’s energy, awkward insecurities, and hunger for life with a convincing ferocity that had me absolutely captivated. Such a treat to have finally seen the film, which has been sitting in my watchlist for years now.

Did you ever go back to your preschool once you had gotten big, and everything looked miniature? Like the chairs and the monkey bars, just much smaller than you remembered? I know nothing’s changed, but everything looks totally different to me now.

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