Shame ★★★★

Steve McQueen’s Shame challenged me in a way I deeply and extensively appreciated. Films that center around the objectification of women are usually ones that are a hard pass for me.  

But what Shame does so expertly is push me to view those choices in a wider scope. While yes, the objectification of women is pretty intense here, it’s all very intentionally done to portray a serious addiction. In addition, the objectification is not idolized or praised, allowing it to be see in a fuller, more understanding way. The complexities of the situations are easier to examine in a way that allows for and encourages empathy. 

The exploration of addiction, with Fassbender’s character’s addiction to sex and Mulligan’s character’s addiction to self harm, Shame presents forth a realistic portrayal of addiction and how quickly it devours us if we let it. 

An excellent showcase of McQueen’s direction as well as Fassbender and Mulligan’s abilities as actors.

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